1970 Chevy Corvette T-Top For Sale in Texas


1970 FAMILY Owned Corvette 454 390HP

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  • Dec 11 2022
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Corvette Description

1970 FAMILY Owned Corvette 454 390HP

YOU WILL NEVER FIND A DEAL LIKE THIS - FAMILY OWNED!! MY FATHER BOUGHT IT NEW IN 1970 AND IT HAS BEEN IN THE FAMILY EVER SINCE! GARAGE KEPT IN PRIVATE SPACE. LOW MILAGE AT ONLY 25,000 ORIGINAL MILES!!!! UNREAL!! BEAUTIFUL! YOU MUST HAVE THIS CLASSIC VETTE! 454 RARE BIG BLOCK, 390 HP, 500 LB/FT Torque! AT THESE MILES YOU WILL NEVER FIND IN THE OPEN MARKET FOR A 53 YEAR OLD CLASSIC! Insured for well over this amount requiring an Appraisal Statement to get this Insured amount. I will not spend too much time with all of the production facts and stats of the 1970 Corvettes as the internet is a wealth of information for those of you who may not be Corvette experts and want to read up a bit. However, it is important to note a few things that really make the 1970 Corvettes some of the most desirable C3 series cars. First, some of you may recall that the arrival of the 1970 model was later than usual in the automotive industry due in part to the United Auto workers strike in 1969 that caused a back log of orders for the ’69 model and the decision to pro-long production to fill those orders which delayed the arrival of the 1970 model to showrooms in to February, 1970. As a result, 1970 had the lowest production numbers of the 1968-1972 Corvettes, ultimately making them more rare and collectible. The ’70 model also received some new design cues like the egg crate patterned fender louvers, fenders were flared slightly to prevent rock chips, and the seats were redesigned in addition to some other changes. In 1970 Chevrolet also enlarged the Big Block to its largest displacement at 454 cubic inches with a rated horsepower of 390hp with a massive 500 lbs/ft of torque. Production numbers show 17,316 units with 10,668 being coupes. Obviously, only a portion of these were produced with the Big Block 454 and this particular car is one of those rare cars!

Corvette Features

Body Type : T-Top
Exterior Color : Brighton Blue
Interior Color : Blue
Mileage: 25847
Engine : 454
Transmission : Manual
VIN# : 194370S407198
Asking price : $69,999
Terms : or Best Offer Ready to Sell
For Sale By : Private Party


AC, Alloy Wheels, AM/FM Stereo, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Removable Hardtop, Standard Trans